What is Festicket?

Festicket is an innovative website that packages together festival tickets with travel, accommodation and add-ons to create complete festival trips that can be booked in one click.

We work with festivals as official partners so we can provide general admission and VIP tickets to some of the world’s greatest festivals. Then we add handpicked hotels, trusted transfer services and any extras to create festival packages that are completely hassle-free.

Still want to know more? Check out how it works or have a look at our festival packages.

Enjoy yourself and let us sort out the details.

Meet the team


Jonathan Younes

Co-founder and CTO

Serial web entrepreneur in charge of all the technical developments of the Festicket project.

Co-founder of playlistnow.fm and with Festicket he will continue to make the web a better platform for all music fans.

Completes the team by bringing his design and technical knowledge essential to success on the web. Jonathan takes care of the development and in particular liaising with our developer for the integration of all booking/payment/community systems integrated in the website.


Zack Sabban

Co-founder and CEO

While he was a student and later a banker in NYC and London, Zacharie traveled the world to fulfill his passion for live music. He attended countless festivals and concerts around the world where he realized the need for better access to information.

His creativity, social network, and his amazing experience of music festivals are a competitive advantage for the growth of Festicket.

Zacharie supervises all the operations and development of the company.


David Isaacson

Technical Director

David is a huge music fan and a strong believer in good quality software.

He brings seven years of professional programming and web development experience, particularly in the startup world where he co-founded the programming help site Siafoo.net.

Responsible for Festicket's technical architecture, user interface, and the integration of third-party software, David utilises his extensive skills and practical knowledge to create a fun and secure user experience.


Yonas Blay

Lead Business Developer

Over 5 years establishing and developing commercial partnership within the music industry.

Have a unique and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the music industry gained from professional and personal experiences over a 15 year period.


Bob Winslow

Operation Manager

One trip to Melt! festival in Germany was all it took to convince Bob of the merits of foreign festivals. Swimming in a sunny lake, dancing to german techno in laser-bedecked cranes - all led to a resolution not to waste money on the muddy, crowded same-old-same-old English festivals.

After graduating with an Architecture degree from the University of Cambridge, it seemed much more fun to join the Commercial team at Festicket.


Barri Coen

Head of Marketing

Obsessed by music and an unashamed travel geek, Essex-boy Barri was destined to work for Festicket.

With over 10 years of marketing experience in the youth, arts, sport and music industries, it’s his job to hunt you down and get you excited about going to a music festival. And then another one!


Cynthia Franklin

Social Media & Content Manager

Cynthia believes there's a festival out there for everyone's tastes.

A graduate in Journalism, She has always worked in music and content based positions, from the PR agency previously known as All-Leo to raising the profile of partner website Wikifestivals.com.

Responsible for the site content and social networking, Cynthia thinks it's unfair that people assume festivals only happen in the summer and that foreign festivals aren't worth travelling to, which are attitudes she hopes to change!


Otti Otusajo

Hotel Specialist

A keen traveller with an obsession for festivals, travel and business, Otti, a graduate of Hospitality and Tourism Management, found working for Festicket a refreshing way to combine his love for all of the above.


Naomi Black

Product Executive

Having worked at many UK festivals through the Oxfam festival shop, including Big Chill, WOMAD and Isle of Wight Festival, Naomi is well-versed in the glory and guts of festivals. Never one to miss out, she believes international festivals are worth the travel hours to get to ‐ not to mention the potential tan you could return with.

Naomi is a graduate of Architecture from the University of Cambridge and has worked as an architectural assistant and graphic designer.


Rémi Martinho

Business Developer

Originally coming from the French music blogging world, Rémi's love for music is deep and true.

Having graduated in International Business after several abroad stays, he developed a capacity to adapt to any kind of background for developing businesses and technologies around Europe. After two years in the French music industry, he has a creative and comprehensive point of view towards the music industry.


Paul Ahern

Web Developer

Python Programmer
Living the dream in London
Let the music play

All Inquiries

Yeslab Ltd trading as Festicket
Innovation Warehouse
1 East Poultry Avenue
London EC1A 9PT
United Kingdom
Email: contact@festicket.com
Telephone: +44 (0)20 3397 8486


Festicket is funded by an awesome group of investors including Kima Ventures, Windcrest Partners, #1 Seed, Playfair Capital, Jacques-Antoine Granjon and Ilan Abehassera.

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