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Day Zero Festival 2012


The Basics

On December 21st, at 18:11, the fifth and final cycle of the Mayan world cycle will end. At this moment a galactic alignment will occur: for the first time in 25,625 years Planet Earth will line up with the center of the Milky Way.

To mark this momentous occasion, Festicket have packages to Mexico. They include DAY ZERO festival, presenting 24 hours of music, performing arts, installations, and spiritual teachings. This once in a lifetime event, by a Mayan pyramid in Playa Del Carmen, will bring together party people for 24 hours, ending at the exact moment the Mayans decreed as the end of this world cycle.

Day Zero offers a forward thinking line up of house and techno acts including Damian Lazarus, Fur Coat, Infinity Ink, Art Department, Subb-An and many more besides. The spirit of the Mayans will represented through dance-performances and Shamanic rituals during the festival, and there will be discussion, yoga, relaxation and spiritual awareness classes to help you forget your real world troubles.

This is a time for transformation and renewal, a time for change - celebrate with us as we party and await the future!

Festicket is the official UK travel partner of Day Zero.

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Art Department
0.00 | 7.26

Art Department

Damian Lazarus
0.00 | 4.05

Damian Lazarus

Francesca Lombardo
0.00 | 1.28

Francesca Lombardo

Jamie Jones
0.00 | 4.29

Jamie Jones

Maayan Nidam
0.00 | 57.49

Maayan Nidam

Matias Aguayo
0.00 | 6.09

Matias Aguayo



Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
0.00 | 44.18

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs


Stage 1: 3D (MASSIVE ATTACK) vs James Lavelle (UNKLE) - Acid Pauli - Amirali (live) - Art Department - Damian Lazarus - Francesca Lombardo - Fur Coat - Infinity Ink (live) - Jamie Jones - Maayan Nidam - Matias Aguayo (live) - Metrika -Subb-an - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (live) - Thugfucker - Trentemøller

Stage 2: Damian Romero - Damian Uzabiaga - David Tereul (hardpop) – Eduardo Castillo - Guada - Miguel Puente – Muan – Rebolledo – Regina (puma) - Robbie Akbal - Sidartha Siliceo (live) – Tato - The Midnight Perverts

The Venue

Day Zero Festival 2012

Licenciado Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta
QROO Playa Del Carmen

Playa del Carmen in Mexico has become one of the world's leading holiday destinations for those seeking to combine pure paradise beaches with ancient Mayan temples. Day Zero Festival plays out by an ancient pyramid between two lakes in the historic centre of Mayan civilization.

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What We Love

  • DAY ZERO are working with local sustainable eco-friendly community group Pueblo SacBe, who have experience of putting on arts events in the area.

  • An immersive interactive environment will be provided by Sila Svete, a forward-thinking Russian visual production company. Check out their previous work.

What To Know

  • Bring your hammocks! There will be plenty of trees around the site where you can tie up and hang out, if you need to take a break and relax for a few minutes - it is 24 hours long, after all...

  • DAY ZERO will be attended by performers highlighting the art and culture of the Mayan people; so expect discussion, yoga, relaxation and spiritual awareness classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get to Playa Del Carmen?

    We'll provide transfers from Cancun airport to your hotel in Playa Del Carmen. Jetairfly flies direct from Brussels to Cancun; otherwise, search for flights on Most flights from London involve a change. 

  • You cannot bring your own food or drinks onto the festival site.

  • All Festicket travellers will receive free passes to one of Playa Del Carmen's beach clubs. Playa has a lot of restaurants, you can choose many places with different budgets and services. Everything is close in Playa Del Carmen - and on rare occasions that the place you want to go is not a walking distance, you can take a taxi for 25 pesos.

  • DAY ZERO festival opens on the 20th December at 18:11 CST. It finishes 24 hours laters, on the 21st December at 18:11 CST - the exact time marking the end of the fifth and final cycle of the Mayan long count calendar. So the festival ends with an end, a new beginning, a DAY ZERO...


  • 2 x Standard Ticket to Day Zero Festival 2012
  • 1 x Standard King-size Double at Mosquito Blue

  • 2 x VIP Ticket to Day Zero Festival 2012
  • 1 x Rugiada Junior Suite at Hotel Kinbe

  • 2 x Standard Ticket to Day Zero Festival 2012
  • 1 x Deluxe King-size Double at Mosquito Blue

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