Tomorrowland 2015

Another weekend of madness at the world-famous EDM festival

Pre-Registration for Tomorrowland 2015 is now open. You must Pre-Register to be able to purchase tickets & packages.

The Basics

PRE-REGISTER NOW FOR TOMORROWLAND 2015  After a duel-headed 10th anniversary that did much more than blow out a few candles, Tomorrowland 2015 will look to reinvent the rule book again and host a party so big, so outrageously brilliant, that all other festivals will spend a lifetime trying to catch up.

As the world's biggest DJs and electronic producers make their way to Boom in Belgium, organisers will dress up some 15 stages in over-sized flowers, active volcanoes, giant disco balls, explosive butterflies, smoke cannons, confetti and anything else their minds can possibly dream up. 

It's clear to see why this is the most sought-after ticket in the world. Prepare to have your eyes and ears opened across one unforgettable weekend.

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Sven Väth
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Sven Väth


  • The National Orchestra Of Belgium
  • Sven Väth
    0.00 | 58.50
  • Highlights

- The National Orchestra Of Belgium will be presenting "The Symphony Of Unity" which will be "One musical world, where 2 genres merge..."

- Sven Väth and his Cocoon Recordings family will be hosting a vinyl-only stage

The Venue

Tomorrowland 2015

De Schorre Recreation Ground
2850 Boom

Held in the aptly named town of Boom in Belgium, Tomorrowland takes over all 75 hectares of De Schorre recreation area, decorating its greenery with over 15 creatively-designed stages.

Its former clay pits are now lakes, and the Dreamville camping ground is surrounded by trees, with every type of food and drink stall imaginable filling the bellies of unquenchable dance fanatics.

Getting There

Our Recommendations

What We Love

  • The outrageously inventive stage productions at Tomorrowland aren't just limited to the main stages. Organisers go all out to create a whole new world with floating flowers in the lakes, huge waterfalls, hidden Buddhas and much more across 15+ arenas, stages and cubbyholes.

  • The Global Journey Packages are the easiest - and best - way to travel to Tomorrowland. They offer the very best service, covering your whole trip from the moment you take off all the way through to the return journey home. That means parties on planes, champagne and helpful hostesses - all without lifting a finger. After choosing between a Flight Package, Train Package or a Hotel Package, the festival will take care of the rest for you.

What To Know

  • Food and drink at Tomorrowland can only be bought using tokens. Cash can be exchanged for tokens at the festival site and in the campsite, but for the best deal on them buy a BoozeBag online before you go. It doesn't just include 35 food and drink tokens, but the bag is a collectors item too. Once bought online, festival-goers collect their Tomorrowland BoozeBag at the Tomorrowland or DreamVille Main Entrance as well as on the festival site.

  • Dreamville is the official camping ground of Tomorrowland and it has all sorts of accommodation options are available, from bring your own tent to hiring a cabin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do tickets go on sale?
    Tickets will go on sale on the following dates: 
    Global Journey Sale: 24 Jan at 17:00 CET (On the official website only)
    Belgian Sale: 31 Jan at 11:00 CET (On the official website only)
    Worldwide sale: 7 Feb at 17:00 CET (This is when Festicket will have packages on sale)
  • Yes. Festicket is an Official Travel Partner of Tomorrowland for 2015. All of our Tickets & Packages have been supplied directly by Tomorrowland. 

    You should only buy through a Tomorrowland Official Travel Partner or direct. Official Travel Partners will be listed on the Tomorrowland website - always check that the company you are buying from is listed in the updated list. The Official Travel Partners for 2015 are not yet listed on the Tomorrowland website but will be soon.

  • Tickets are not yet on sale, and there is no way to reserve tickets before they go on sale. Everyone has the same chance to buy when tickets launch.

  • If you have already signed up to our Tomorrowland waiting list, or added the festival to your wishlist, then you have automatically been pre-registered for tickets. 

  • In 2014 the ARENA opening and closing times were:

    Friday & Saturday: 12h00 - 01h00

    Sunday: 12h00 - 00h00

    In 2014 the CAMPSITE opening and closing times were:

    Thursday 11h00 - Monday 12h00

  • In 2014, a Full Madness Pass cost €237.50. A Full Madness Pass did not include camping access. A DreamVille Camping Pass cost €52.50. In 2014, Festicket sold a range of Official Global Journey packages. These packages were in 3 categories: Ticket + Hotel, Flight from NYC + Ticket + Hotel, and Flight from NYC + Ticket + Tent. The flights were Official Global Journey flights from NYC.

    In 2013, a Full Madness Pass cost €198.50 + €4.75 fee + €8.50 postage. A Full Madness Pass did not include camping access. A DreamVille Camping Pass cost €47.50 + €3.25 fee. In 2013, Festicket only sold packages including camping equipment and tents. You were not able to buy tickets by themselves. Festicket have no information yet on what Tomorrowland packages they will offer in 2015.

  • Last year tickets sold out almost immediately, it trully is based on first come first served.

  • Yes, there will be lockers at the festival site and the campsite. These are big enough to share between several people, but cost to hire for the weekend.

  • No. Tomorrowland and DreamVille enforce a zero tolerance policy in regard to drugs. It is prohibited to use, deal or be in possession of drugs at the festival grounds and the campsite.

  • The minimum age to attend Tomorrowland is 18. You must be aged 18 or over, or turn 18 on the year of the festival to gain entry (anyone born in 1997). This policy is strictly enforced and you will be required to provide proof of age upon arrival. There are no exceptions to this policy, even if you are accompanied by an adult.

  • Last year Festicket had a maximum of 4 people per order. We're unable to take bookings or make special arrangements for larger groups.

  • Easy - click here. You'll get a lovely newsletter every Friday, and a 5€ discount to use on any other festival on Festicket. Check the terms and conditions for full details before you sign up.

  • Try entering your email again using the link above. If it shows "It looks like you've already registered for this promotion." , then you had previously signed up successfully.

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