Whether you know him as The Real Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers, or simply Eminem, it’d be quite unbelievable if you’d never heard of the Detroit rapper considering he’s dominated rap music and the mainstream charts for nearly 20 years.

Globally recognised as the world’s most influential and best-selling rap artists of this century, Eminem burst onto the scene and altered the discourse of rap music when discovered by Dr. Dre in the mid-90’s. He’s remained at the forefront of popular music since, a testament to his profound effect on the genre.

Dre became his mentor or sorts and produced his first three albums ‘The Slim Shady LP’, ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’, and ‘The Eminem Show’, subsequently seeing Eminem win the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album for each of the aforementioned. An unprecedented achievement as he was the first artist ever to win this award for consecutive albums.

Eminem’s abrasive, caustic, and witty lyrical approach has seen him remain in the midst of controversy, with a long list of artists, celebrities, ex-partner’s, and even Presidents see the sharp end of his cutting verses on tracks such as the politicised ‘Mosh’, and the irreverent ‘Just Lose It’.

Expertly towing the line between fearsome and comedic, Eminem creates stories using his own idiosyncrasies and past traumas as inspiration on chart-topping singles like ‘Stan’ and ‘Lose Yourself’ - the latter now immortalised as the soundtrack to biopic ‘8 Mile’ in which Eminem portrayed his younger self.

No stranger to explosive festival performances, Eminem has headlined numerous momentous festivals such as Reading and Leeds Festival in the UK, as well as the famed Lollapalooza and Coachella across the Atlantic.

2018 saw the surprise release of his 10th album ‘Kamikaze’, where Eminem remains as potent, controversial, and imperious as ever, and can only mean more festival appearances to come.

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