Brighton is a seaside town in East Sussex, in the South East of England. There is a prominent music scene in Brighton, with an extensive history of both "mods" and "rockers." These groups were defined both by their fashion choices and their music styles. In 1964 there was a notoriously a huge fight between the two groups when they were in town at the same time. Between the 1950s and 1970s, there were pianos in every pub, usually with music groups; and, renowned musicians such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd started playing Brighton's most popular venue, The Brighton Dome. 

Two big festivals taking place there are The Great Escape, with its unsigned and underground artists, and Boundary Brighton, which specialises in dance and bass music. In addition, the Land Beyond Festival features a lineup of DJs and performers across house, disco, bass, grime, garage, D&B and more. Other big events in the town are Brighton Fringe and Brighton and Hove Pride.


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