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Krake Festival 2017

Journey into the depths of Berlin's underground music and art scene

Krake Festival 2017

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1 x Standard Festival Pass for 7 nights to Krake Festival 2017

This ticket is valid for the whole Krake Festival 2017 taking place from 24th of July to 31st in Berlin.

From Montag, 24. Juli 2017
To Montag, 31. Juli 2017 09.00
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Krake Festival 2017

Krake Festival is a week-long festival of music, theatre and art across a series of event spaces in south-east Berlin.

Showcasing a lineup of electronic music straight from the city and the international underground scene, Krake is all about challenging norms and exploring the latest trends in house, techno and more. 

The festival's two main venues are Griessmühle and Urban Spree. The former is one of Berlin's most underground event spaces, giving off a rough, loud, but passionate vibe, and will become a huge multidimensional platform for some of the city's music labels and artists. 

While over at Urban Spree, festival-goers will be able to browse through records at the Label Boutique, build their own synthesizers with the Circuit Bending workshop and catch some cutting-edge theatre. All before losing themselves in the deep, visceral sounds that characterise nights at Krake. 

Lineup includes: Anika / Adult. Kamikaze Space Programme / Luke Vibert / Ancient Methods & many more