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Regreso al Pasado Festival 2020

  • Villena, Spanien
  • 15. Februar 2020
Regreso al Pasado Festival 2020
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Retro raving

Regreso al Pasado is a brand new music festival in the city of Villena, Spain, which looks back in time to the 1980s and 1990s for its musical and stylistic cues.

Showcasing a lineup that encompasses dance music stars of the 90s and tribute acts to some the era's biggest names, the debut edition will be a nostalgia-filled day celebrating the classics; a chance to relive those halcyon days for those old enough, or to take a trip back to a different world for those who missed out first time round.


  • Chimo Bayo
  • Double Vision
  • Sensity World
  • Freaky Style (Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute)
  • Flor Venenoswa (Heroes del Silencio tribute)
  • Ultrarumba (Estopa tribute)
  • Santa Mataix-Albades
  • Lillo DJ-Discoteca Dafnis
  • DJ Camañes (Ka Ra Me Lo)

The festival will take place in a former bullring which was renovated and reopened as a multipurpose events space at the beginning of the decade.


Plaza de Toros Plurifuncional, Villena, Spanien

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Villena is connected directly by rail to a number of other Spanish cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Murcia, as well as smaller regional destinations.

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