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Voix de Fête 2019

  • Genève, Geneva, Schweiz
  • 19-24. März 2019
Voix de Fête 2019
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Voix de Fête enters its third decade

Voix de Fête is a music festival celebrating the best of new Francophone music, held annually in Geneva, Switzerland. 

2019 will see the festival's celebrate its twenty-first birthday, the festival has changed and adapted with trends over the past three decades to represent accurately the most current and relevant trends and French-speaking artists. 

That considered, Canadian artists make up this edition of the festival's guest of honour, with a particular emphasis on giving a platform to female artists. 



  • Jérémy Frérot
  • Les Fils Du Facteur
  • Les Troubadours Du Chaos

  • Georgio
  • RK
  • Phanee De Pool & Son Orchestre
  • Shaëtan
  • NCC
  • Dibby Sounds
  • Ryon
  • Pomme
  • Sand

Voix de Fête takes place across several venues in Geneva, the central hub being the city's community hall Plainpalais. 


Genève, Geneva, Schweiz

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Geneva has an international airport, but is also easily accessible from Lyon – there are trains every two hours from Gare de Lyon-Part-Dieu to Gare de Genève with a journey time of just under two hours.

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