Woodstock 50

  • Watkins Glen, NY, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
  • 16-18. August 2019
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The Bird of Peace is Back

It is uncertain whether Woodstock 50 will take place. The festival's funders have pulled out but organisers insist everything will go ahead as planned. Find more info on the situation here

Arguably the most iconic music festival in history, Woodstock Music and Arts Fair returns for a landmark 50th anniversary edition this year, a full half-century on from the original epoch-defining event.

Organiser Michael Lang, co-creator of the original event, has promised that the three-day event will go back to the roots and original intent of the festival all those years ago – balancing legacy acts from the late 60s with contemporary stars from an eclectic mix of genres.

It will also retain the political and socially conscious core values, with NGOs and charity organisations invited to attend and engage festival-goers with active participation in a variety of causes.

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The festival will be held on a 1000 acre greenfield site in rural Upstate New York, around 150 miles from the former home at Bethel.


Watkins Glen, NY, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika