Six Great Christmas Gifts for Music Lovers

Six Great Christmas Gifts for Music Lovers

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is now just over a week away, but have you finished your Christmas shopping? We're here to help relieve some of that stress-induced headache with six great presents, perfect for the music-obsessive.

Alternatively, if you're the one who goes nuts for vinyl box sets and popstar paraphernalia, then why not stick some of these on your own Christmas list. We can't guarantee they'll be any more appreciated than a pair of socks, though.



Easily the year's most important music film, AMY has drawn both praise and criticism from all quarters. Some thought it was beautifully insightful, while others, including Winehouse's father, felt it was both misleading and even untrue in parts. But what it did undoubtedly achieve was to get everyone talking again about the tragic rise and fall of the late North London singer, plagued throughout her life by love, drugs and alcohol. It's sure to stir up a few emotions.

A Tribute to Record Stores – Bernd Jonkmanns

Despite doom-laden predictions a decade ago, vinyl has been making a comeback over the last few years – meaning new record stores have started opening up in cities like Berlin, Paris and Brussels. In 2009, Hamburg-based photographer Bernd Jonkmanns set about documenting the culture of record stores, and has spent the last six years travelling the world, snapping life on the inside. His photographs, presented in A Tribute to Record Stores, elegantly portray the passion and love for vinyl so many of us enjoy.

Fleetwood Mac Tusk Box Set

Fresh off the back of a mammoth world tour, rock legends Fleetwood Mac have released a deluxe reissue of Tusk – the experimental follow album up to the hugely popular Rumours. The box set, filled with remastered music, an alternate version of the complete album featuring unreleased session outtakes, as well as a number of demos and remixes, is a must have for any Mac fan. Similarly, Bob Dylan and David Bowie have also produced some pleasingly packaged, gift-ready box sets in time for Christmas.


Vinyl/CD stacker

We've all got that one friend who loves CDs or vinyl a bit too much, right? The one whose house you go to and end up using a CD case as a tea coaster? Not only is a CD/Vinyl stacker the perfect solution, but it is also a neat way to show off just how much of a music nerd they are.

Framed soundwave print

CD frames and lyric prints might be a little passé, but always another hot trend has taken its place. Framed soundwave prints of a favourite song (or even a whole album, if you're feeling especially generous) look great up on the wall, with the added bonus of being able to play Guess The Song at dinner parties. 

Meow the Jewels cat bowl

If you're worried about what your friends might think if you bought your cat a Christmas present, just remember that Run the Jewels remixed an entire album out of cat samples, and you'll feel much better about it. If you've had the rap duo blaring out of the speakers at various points throughout the last year, we're in no doubt that your cat's a fan by now. Who isn't?



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