A Locals' Guide to Gothenburg with Way Out West

A Locals' Guide to Gothenburg with Way Out West

Way Out West 2020

Way Out West 2020

Göteborg, Schweden

As we roll further into summer 2019, those of us still devoid of any real festival plans are very much starting to feel the sweat. Whether you missed out on Glastonbury tickets, want a year off from Primavera, or are just looking for something completely new, let me introduce you to Sweden's Way Out West

Its lineup is top-tier – Stormzy, The Cure, Cardi B, Solange, James Blake – but its setting is even more alluring: a secluded woodland in Gothenburg. You can check out the music side of Way Out West here, but we wanted to focus on what makes Gothenburg so special.

With this in mind, we spoke to Patrick Fredriksson and Ingrid Lunderg from the Way Out West team to get some insider tips on their home city. Sitting in the capital's shadow, Sweden's second biggest city is a bit off the tourist path, allowing it to develop its own scenes and culture. 

Places to hear music


There are loads and loads of great bars. There’s Pustervik, which has been around for a long time. They have a lot of live gigs, and we’ve had them as part of our post festival programme, Stay Out West, for years. There’s also great food there; you can pretty much spend the whole day at Pustervik – you can have a drink, you can eat, have a dance, you can sit on their terrace, they kind of have it all. It’s perfect.

And then we have the classic, Yaki-Da, which is a huge club with several floors. When I go there I pretty much only go to the restaurant, where you can eat dinner until super late, and they have really good food. But they also have a coffee bar, which is like a tiny dance floor and they bring crazy artists there, quite big names, and they just play records for a packed room full of sweaty people. It’s definitely something that never gets old; every time you get there you know you’re gonna have fun.

And then we have Nefertiti, which is also a really nice place where you can listen to old jazz music or new progressive music, so they have a lot of great performances there.

Neighbourhoods to spend some time in


There’s this area called 2:a Långgatan & 3:e Långgatan – one of the streets has been quite popular for many years, but now it’s becoming even more creative. There are restaurants popping up, and bars, and there are several really good places there. I always say you should just go beer crawling there, I don’t even have to mention any names of particular bars.

Majorna is a really nice area to explore. There are loads of great records stores and cafés; you can get so much good vinyl there, so I would definitely make sure to pass them all. It’s a bit of an older Gothenburg, and there are so many things to see there. Just to move around in Majorna is definitely something I would recommend.

Getting that food fix


I always go to Made In China. They have great vegetarian food, and a really good vibe.

One of my absolute favourites is Café Skogen. It’s actually in an apartment, and it’s an old workers’ café. This woman is making sandwiches in her kitchen, and it feels like you're sitting in her apartment, and it’s only open from super early in the morning until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. It’s really old-school and it’s not at all a hipster place, but they have the most amazing sandwiches and the people working there are just the friendliest and kindest. I love it.

For when you're a little thirsty


There’s a place that’s been around for many, many years, called Oceanen. It’s a pub in Majorna. 

I also really like this super cool champagne bar called Forssén & Öberg. It’s a really nice alternative to a lot of other places in Gothenburg. It has a pretty creative music vibe, and there’s a lot of nice beer in the city, so this place really kind of stands out.

Things to take pictures in front of


I think definitely the archipelago has really amazing islands, that if it’s a summer day you should definitely go there, and take the boat out. That’s a super beautiful place to go.

Also, the Botanical Gardens (botaniska trädgård).

Then if you want to do something a little bit different, there’s a really cool market called Bellevue Market, which is in another part of town and a bit of a different experience. You can get a lot of food, and vintage or second-hand clothing – it’s a great experience if you want a bit of a change from central Gothenburg.

Way Out West will take place on 8-10 August 2019. Find out more on our guide, and book your tickets to this summer's festival here.

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