Simple Things Festival 2019: Five Artists You Must See

Simple Things Festival 2019: Five Artists You Must See

Simple Things Festival 2019

Simple Things Festival 2019

Bristol, Vereinigtes Königreich

Bristol's Simple Things Festival has quickly made a name for itself as being on of the south-west's most eclectic music festivals. On Saturday 19th, it's back, showcasing its genre-spanning lineup inside some of the city's coolest venues such as Lakota and the Coroner's Court Complex. 

Simple Things also runs a conference series, however, we'll park that side for this article to focus on the music, picking out five artists that are top of our list to catch.

Dr. Rubinstein

The acid queen sure know hows to bring the party. A raver herself and often seen on the dancefloor before and after her sets, Dr. Rubinstein is all about techno grooving and raving with a smile on your face. 

Ata Kak

The mysterious Ghanian musician was the first post on the now international project Awesome Tapes From Africa back in 2006. The tape – a fusion of highlife, Twi-language rap, funk, hip-hop and electronica – quickly became a hit amongst underground music fans, turning Ata Kak into a cult funkster. 

Jayda G

Groovy, vibey and delivered with a huge smile on her face, Jayda G lights up every set she plays with her infectious dose of funk, soul and disco. 

Avalon Emerson

Avalon Emerson can easily be described as a bit of a music nerd. Her sets resemble an engineer at work, creatively manipulating her equipment as she navigates the dancefloor through the genres at speed.

Holly Herndon presents PROTO

Electronic musician Holly Herndon presents her vision of a digital future, exploring technology’s potential through artificial intelligence, vocals and visuals that'll see her perform music from her PROTO album alongside an expanded vocal ensemble, her nascent machine intelligence creation Spawn and a newly developed A/V experience.

Simple Things Festival 2019 will take place on 19th October in Bristol. Find out more on our guide, and book your tickets to this year's festival here.


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