Bilbao BBK Live Reveal Lasai Lineup for 2019

Bilbao BBK Live Reveal Lasai Lineup for 2019

Bilbao BBK Live 2020

Bilbao BBK Live 2020

Bilbao, Spanien

Spanish festival Bilbao BBK Live have revealed which acts will be performing on their scenic woodland/mountain-top Lasai stage – a new addition to the festival site in 2018.

Among those on the lineup for this year are Fort Romeau, Orpheu The Wizard, Elena Colombi and Phoung-Dan

We recently spoke to the festival's head of booking, Marc Ventosa about the idea behind the Lasai stage (among other things). Here's what he had to say:

"LASAI means 'quiet, slowly, easy...' in Euskera. It’s a small DJ booth, no stage, with amazing views from the city, just up the hill next to Basoa, and there’s only one rule: you have to play under 100BPM. Any style, anything you want, but below 100BPM.

We started this as we realised at all festivals everything happens fast, loud, hard, and we wanted to create a space at the festival where it was the other way around. People still dance a lot, that’s the idea basically as well, but dance in slow motion which is more fun and interesting sometimes."

See below for the full Lasai lineup, and head to our guide for more information about the festival (including the rest of the lineup so far).

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