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Sacred Ground Festival 2020

  • Trampe Brüssow, Brüssow, Alemania
  • 16-19 Julio 2020
Sacred Ground Festival 2020



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A uniquely intimate, transformative experience

Set in the picturesque countryside just north of Berlin, Sacred Ground is a two-day festival that celebrates music and art.

Now in its sixth year, Sacred Ground is dedicated to life's true pleasures nature, art, food and music, created for like-minded people to join together and bond over common passions. 

Away from the city streets' prying eyes, Sacred Ground's environmental ethos and inclusive closeness ensures that everyone returns home full in the heart and lungs from the time spent and shared together. 

Hosted on a one-hundred-year-old farm, international artists from all genres will be scattered around a commune of open stages and tents, where you can dance till sunrise and share a uniquely intimate, transformative experience.

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+ many more to be announced.

Sacred Ground will take place at a 100 year old farm in Brüssow, part of the Uckermark district in Germany. 

The region is known for its lakes and great summers.


Trampe Brüssow, Trampe 9, Brüssow, 17326, Alemania

Preguntas frecuentes

The nearest airport to Sacred Ground is Berlin. You will then need to get a train from the city centre out to Prenzlau ZOB, and then a bus onto Brüssow.

Similarly, if you are travelling from elsewhere, most routes will require heading to Prenzlau ZOB and then taking a bus onto Brüssow.