7 of the Best: 2016 Music Festival Trailers & Teasers

7 of the Best: 2016 Music Festival Trailers & Teasers

The eagerly anticipated aftermovie has now become an ingrained part of the festival experience for many, and has seen huge developments in cinematography, production and even duration. But in the midst of all of that, teaser and trailer videos don't always get the attention they deserve.

There is nothing wrong with the tried and tested method of adding lineup text to clips from last year's event, but we prefer those festivals who go a little bit further and come up with something original and creative.

So with that in mind, below is our pick of the best teasers and trailers of 2016. And believe us, we really did look through a lot…


Rather than trying to be subtle or understated the Garorock team have gone for a no-nonsense approach, and it really pays off. Unique in its style, the shifting bombardment of themes, colours and sounds reflects the diversity of the festival lineup, as the animated mascot hops from genre to genre.

When & where: 30 June - 3 July, Marmande, France

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Into The Woods Festival

It is quite an achievement for your trailer to go two minutes without any indication of what it is promoting, and yet still manage to be engaging. Not until the last few seconds does it become clear what the Into The Woods Festival trailer was about, but the incredibly well-shot, well-constructed and well-performed video compels us to find out more about the festival. Which means it is doing its job.

When & where: 9-10 September, Amersfoort, Netherlands

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DGTL Festival Barcelona

It should come as no surprise that this list features something from DGTL: they have developed something of a reputation for high-quality cinematography. In this latest release, for the Barcelona edition this August, the tension and excitement builds with every clunk, whir and distortion.

When & where: 12-13 August 2016, Barcelona, Spain

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Just like the emotional training montage of a film, except that here the main character isn't getting in shape for an impending fight or battle, but rather getting in the hours of hula-hooping practice ahead of a dance music festival. And like in any film you sort of can't help feeling a bit involved with the character. But more than that, it gives you an clear idea of what kind of festival NeoPop is, as well as giving details of the lineup in a much less… well, boring way than many others. 

When & where: 4-6 August, Viana de Castelo, Portugal

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Nu Forms

One of the shortest on this list, the Nu Forms trailer manages to come across as hugely tense despite showing little more than when and where the festival will take place. Reminiscent of something from Hollywood, thanks to the big blaring horns (see the hugely influential Inception trailer for reference), this trailer packs a real punch.

When & where: 30 June - 2 July, Wiesen, Austria

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Movement Croatia

We'd love to have been in the meeting for this one.

"People like goats right?"

"Yeah I think so."

"Good, goats it is."

And yet, this is a genuinely a great trailer. Lineup, location, dates, partners, acknowledgements and a website all in the space of 30 seconds, while being uniquely entertaining and portraying a clear idea of the festival's style, attitude and aesthetic.

When & where: 28 July - 1 August, Tisno, Croatia

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Last but by no means least – after all everything this festival does is enormous in scale. Any of their #RAISETHEGAME teasers for this year's festival could make this list, but we think the introduction to brand new stage The Steelyard is the best of the bunch. Frankly, it looks incredible, so whether or not the the real thing will resemble the animations is irrelevant. It's sure to be spectacular, and this blockbuster movie of a teaser really ramps up the anticipation.  

When & where: 25-28 August, Daresbury, United Kingdom

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