Lowlands Festival 2019: Beyond The Headliners

Lowlands Festival 2019: Beyond The Headliners

Lowlands Festival 2020

Lowlands Festival 2020

Biddinghuizen, Países Bajos

Lowlands Festival is one of the most revered festivals in The Netherlands. The heir to the 1960s festival A Flight to Lowlands Paradise, Lowlands maintains a communal and open atmosphere that has allowed it to grow into a fan favourite.

Annually curating a deep lineup balancing everything from some of the biggest acts in the world to the stars of tomorrow, the festival should be on every music lovers' bucket list.

Whenever a festival's lineup gets announced, it's always the headliners that get all the attention from the music press and online forms alike. This approach always sells a festival short and is akin to skipping through an album just to get to a single.

To counteract this and to show that there is an immense amount of talent beyond the top line of the lineup poster, here are five acts playing at this year's Lowlands that you should get to know. 



Despite all odds, there's something about this five-piece "art rock" band that just works. Their sound pulls from punk, indie, and noise rock to create something head-bobbingly mesmerising. They have two singers, one male and one female, who bark their Velvet Underground-like witticisms at you with authority. 




When this rapper from Manchester started making waves in the UK hip-hop scene off the backs of some stellar EPs over 2016 and 2017, it kind of felt like she had always been around. IAMDDB's blend of trap and jazz sounds stands out as unique within a genre that wears its copy and paste format with pride. 




A Hunee set is one of the most fun experiences you'll ever have. Seamlessly mixing disco, funk, soul, and house, the German-born DJ of Korean descent has a better understanding of musical history than you ever will and he puts it on full display every time he gets behind the decks. 




If I had to choose one punk band going at the minute, I'd take IDLES in a heartbeat. Mixing undeniable raw power with a socially conscious outlook, the Bristol-based quintet provide the perfect soundtrack for these highly politicised times we find ourselves in now. It also doesn't hurt that they put on one hell of a show. 


Jon Hopkins


Jon Hopkins has crafted a signature sound that can range from delicate to bombastic like no other. His brand of electronic music is all-consuming, featuring densely layered rhythms and builds that loosen your grip on time and space. I personally guarantee that this will be one of the best sets you see at Lowlands this year.


Lowlands Festival takes place 16-18 August in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands. Find more info on our Lowlands 2019 guide and book your festival experience here


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