Ultra Europe: What The DJs Say

Ultra Europe: What The DJs Say

As 2014 draws to a close, and our packages for Ultra Europe 2015 welcome beach tickets to the mix, we take a look back at what past headliners had to say in interviews this year about one of the wildest Electronic festivals around.

Fedde Le Grand on performing at the first Ultra Europe:

"Shows like that are always super exciting, they make sure you are alert and on top of your game. It’s a cliché perhaps but you try to connect to your whole crowd using your music and with a crowd as big as Ultra Europe's that's always a challenge. But we had a blast last year!"

Gramatik on Croatia's potential to become the new Ibiza:

"Croatia has many different festivals that are definitely worth mentioning, the festival scene is way more developed... You have beautiful locations for festivals...I think Croatia has more potential; you can make your own thing, be better than Ibiza :)"

Hardwell on the charm of playing at Ultra shows:

"The crowd make the shows in that kind of setting. I love all the production and effects that support the show but it’s the crowds. You know when you play an Ultra show you’re going to be performing in front of a crazy audience who just love the music!"

Mayavanya on what they think of Ultra shows and electronic music festivals:

"We love it! There is nothing better than getting to enjoy music in the outdoors surrounded by beautiful scenery. It's a great way for people from all over the world to come together, and to see not only their favorite, but a variety of acts. It's a great opportunity for artists such as ourselves to get a chance to show our music and play it to very a large audience, and be part of the experience! We just hope people to be responsible and sensible, make the most of their experience in a positive way, and show respect to the land in return as well."

If after treading this you want to experience Ultra Europe for yourself, find out more over at our Ultra Europe festival guide.


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