Albert Neve: "Abel Ramos and I, we act like one mind"

Albert Neve: "Abel Ramos and I, we act like one mind"

4Every1 Festival 2016

4Every1 Festival 2016

Madrid, España

Casting our eyes forward to Albert Neve and Abel Ramos' set at 4Every1 Festival in Madrid on 17 September, we spoke to Neve about their partnership, his hardcore roots and his love of Laidback Luke…

Your new track ‘Party’ was only released a few days ago and already it seems to be very popular – what has the reaction been like so far?

To be honest, both Abel and me are very impressed. Of course we really trust the song, and the reaction of the crowd has been awesome in every single gig we have played it, even without knowing that it was our new release.

However, to see all the support we’ve received and how Party has reached those high positions on Beatport [#3 in Electro House and #26 in the Top 100] has been amazing for us, especially in such a short space of time.

It’s the second collaboration between Abel Ramos and yourself. Are there plans for more music together?

Of course! Our intention has been always to create a stable and solid project, a long term collaboration not limited to just producing one or two tracks together. In fact, we’re preparing new stuff at this exact moment, and I have to say that we’re pretty excited with the results. We’ll show some of these upcoming tracks at the festival for sure.

Is there anyone else you’d really love to work with in the future?

Yeah, I could tell you a lot of artists I’d like to work with, like Axwell or Jauz to say someone. The problem is that I’m not sure they’d like to work with me! I’d rather be realistic and keep on working with all the amazing artists I’ve been working with in the last months… and some others I’ll reveal soon.

You’re also going to be playing alongside Abel at 4every1 festival in a couple of weeks. Is that something you’ve done much before, sharing a stage?

Yes, I’ve played with him several times, not only under this new project, but in the past, and once more I’m going to feel honored to be sharing stage with him. Playing with Abel Ramos is incredible, we have an amazing communication while in the booth, and only with a simple glance we know exactly what each other is thinking.

Actually we act like one mind, and I think this is the pure magic of our show. Sometimes we are having so much fun with the crowd, that it becomes a kind of competition to see who is playing the best tracks.

Does it make it extra special that you’re playing such a huge festival in your home country?

It’s always nice to play in your own country. I love to play at huge festivals like 4Every1 – actually, this one will be my first time with them. But for me it’s much more important how the promoters get involved to create a unique and amazing experience for everyone attending the festival, regardless of the country. In this case, it will be easier for my friends to go, and of course, I won’t travel so far like I’ve done this summer.

What was the electronic music scene like for you growing up in Barcelona, and Spain more generally?

When I started to play and produce seriously, there was two main streams inside electronic music, pretty separated. On the one hand, we had the pure house and all these sub genres. On the other, harder sounds like Hardcore that were just coming from the centre of Europe, which is the style that gave me the first steps in my career. Anyway, I’ve always been an eclectic and open minded artist, so I’ve always been curious enough to experiment with different sounds and tendencies through the years.

How much do you think that early exposure shaped the kind of music that you make today?

In one way or another I’ve always tried to keep in mind my musical roots, and the way they’ve influenced my tracks are undeniable. Sometimes it’s just a sound I sample, others are a musical structure successful in the past that sounds new and different when used in modern productions. Just listening to some of those old classics inspires me. It’s essential to adapt to the modern streams, but we shouldn’t forget where are we coming from and what got us here.

Did you ever get the chance to go to a Spanish festival like 4Every1 when you were growing up?

No way. When I was younger, there wasn’t these huge festivals in the country, so if you were an electronic music lover, you had to be content with visiting venues with more or less capacity. Although I have to say that luckily for me, there were some huge venues made for more than 8000 people, so the feeling was quite similar.

And lastly, who are you most excited to see while you’re at the festival?

There are a lot of artists I would like to see, but we play right before Laidback Luke and I want to see his whole set. He’s an amazing DJ and producer, someone that I’ve always admired, and there’s always something interesting to learn from him. Moreover, he’s a really cool guy.

Albert Neve & Abel Ramos will play on the White Area Stage at 4Every1 Festival on 17 September in Madrid, Spain. Tickets and packages are available below.

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