Exclusive Interview: Dannic on King's Day, the Netherlands' National Party

Exclusive Interview: Dannic on King's Day, the Netherlands' National Party

On 27 April, an entire nation turns bright orange and floods the streets in search of a party. King's Day transforms the Netherlands into one giant celebration, with electronic music right at the heart of it all.

If you've never experienced it in person, EDM superstar Dannic is on hand to explain exactly what 27 April means to the Dutch people, and why it's such a good day for live music…

What is King’s Day all about?

King’s day is a huge national holiday in The Netherlands where we celebrate our King Willem-Alexander's birthday! There are festivities in every city in The Netherlands and Amsterdam especially has a lot of visitors coming to celebrate, I played 5 gigs in 1 day last year so as you can imagine, very busy!

Does everyone really like the Dutch royal family, or is 27 April just an excuse to party?

Haha of course we do! But like every national holiday there are some great events and parties going on to celebrate the occasion, I know the UK do the same kind of thing too and it really boosts tourism and the economy coming into our wonderful country.

Do you have any crazy stories from King’s Day in the past?

It has to be when I played 5 shows in 24 hours as I mentioned! A lot of crazy driving and running around with my tour manager Gideon, there were some moments we almost didn’t make stage time but we did it! I had so much fun and it was great to see huge crowds at each event and my management team enjoyed the parties too!

What advice do you have for foreigners travelling over to join in the party? Are outsiders welcome?

Yeah a lot of international visitors come along, everyone joins in wearing traditional orange colours and getting into the spirit! I think King’s day is a brilliant celebration for all nationalities and ages.

It’s a unique day for music – so many festivals across the country, all within 24 hours. Do you have anything special up your sleeve to mark the occasion at Kingsland Amsterdam and Kingshouse?

Well I have a lot of new Fonk Recordings submissions to get through and I may bring a few exclusives along for my home crowd but it’s going to be crazy, that’s for sure!

What are you most looking forward to for the rest of 2016?

Continuing on with my new label Fonk Recordings and signing exciting artists that have that unique, groovy beat. I’m really pleased with the feedback we’ve had so far and I’m excited for you to all hear the next release!

I’m then getting ready for festival season with my live sound, a lot of cool events still to be announced that you can keep up to date with on my website, I’m looking forward to it after Miami Music Week last week now – Summer is just around the corner!

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