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51st State Festival 2020

  • Trent Park, London, United Kingdom
  • 1 August 2020
51st State Festival 2020



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A house music celebration

51st State Festival is a London house music festival, returning to the capital's Trent Park for their 6th edition in August 2020.

Celebrating the roots of house music, 51st State pulls together the various threads of this influential genre, taking festival-goers on a journey through classic house, tech house, afro house, garage, disco, soul, dancehall and more, curating a lineup that comes from Chicago, New York, Detroit, London and beyond. 


51st State Festival will take place in north London's Trent Park.


Trent Park, London, United Kingdom


Trent Park is just a short walk from Oakwood underground station, which is on the Piccadilly line.

You must be at least 18 to attend.