Apokalypsa Special with Nina Kraviz 2020

  • 29 May 2020
Zoner BOBYHALL, Brno, Czechia View Map
Nina Kraviz, Hector Oaks, Vladimir Dubyshkin View Lineup
Apokalypsa Special with Nina Kraviz 2020

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Apokalypsa Special with Nina Kraviz 2020

Techno's superstar parties Apokalypsa-style

Nina Kraviz will surprise you. She may have risen to prominence ostensibly for playing techno - but she's championed many more styles. She’s as much an archivist and analyst of music scenes than simply a digger for the next dancefloor banger – but she still tears up a party better anyone else in the game. She will come for her first time to Brno, for the special part of the most popular Czech indoor techno event, Apokalypsa! on 29th May 2020, venue Zoner BobyHall. She will also bring with her Bassiani’s Hector Oaks and Vladimir Dubyshkin from her own трип recordings. From the Czech artists there will be names like Orbith & Dominik Gehringer and Misa Salacova.


Nina released prolifically from 2009 - 2013, peaking with her self-titled album on Rekids in 2012. It's a record of extraordinary subtlety, sidestepping contemporary dancefloor trends in poetic and atmospheric ways, while keeping an irresistible groove throughout. Her production took a back seat for a while, as her DJ career and general profile went stratospheric. But the foundation of her трип label in 2014 brought everything together. 


Nina was thinking deeply about how to harness the effort and intensity of record collecting and planning DJ sets – this would become clear in her meticulously mapped-out mixes for DJ Kicks and fabric. трип became a new canvas for her, away from the cycles of media hype and the pressures of touring. There she has championed new artists from her native Russia like Vladimir, Nikita Zabelin, Shadowax and PTU, while still taking on many other projects such as her remixes for Charli XCX x Christine and The Queens, and her curation of Nina Kraviz Presents MASSEDUCTION Rewired.

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Nina Kraviz
Nina Kraviz
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Brno, Czechia