Burning Man 2020

  • Black Rock City, United States of America
  • 30 August - 7 September 2020
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    The iconic, unparalleled escape

    Burning Man is the ultimate festival, taking place in the Nevada desert. Started in 1986, the festival has grown into a cultural phenomenon and has inspired imitation festivals around the globe.

    Bringing roughly 70,000 people to Black Rock City in the heart of the desert, Burning Man is about escaping the confines of capitalism and freeing oneself from the everyday things that confine creativity and imagination.

    Attendees set up all sorts of sculptures, art cars and other creations as well as ritual tents, DJ booths and anything else you can imagine for revellers to experience and interact with. 

    Running from the last Sunday of August to the first Monday of Septemeber, everything leads to the culminating event: the burning of a large wooden effigy representing "the Man." 


    The 2020 lineup will be announced closer to the festival.

    Black Rock City is the creation of Burning Man, isolated in the Black Rock Desert amongst the stark sculptures that empower an atmosphere of sheer awe.


    Black Rock City, United States of America


    Definitely. The festival encourages you to create and explore. You can place your own large sculpture at your campsite or you can place it on the open playa. If you want to place it on the open playa then be sure to check out the official site for advice and guidance.

    Burning Man is a self-sufficient community. That means you need to bring everything you need to survive, including food and water. There are no catering vans present at the festival. This also means that you must be prepared for the climate and that you are able to sustain yourself for the whole length of your stay.