DGTL Amsterdam 2019

24-Hour Bike Rental

24-Hour Bike Rental (Friday 19/04)



24-Hour Bike Rental (Saturday 20/04)



24-Hour Bike Rental (Sunday 21/04)




Everybody in Amsterdam rides a bike. There are more bikes than people in the city, and every day its citizens cycle more than 2 million kilometers! That's because Amsterdam is built for bicycles. Without a doubt, riding a bike is the best way to get around town.

- Grab a bike and make the city your own. By pedal-powered two-wheeler is the way to experience Amsterdam like a real Dutchie

- For 24 hrs take your bike everywhere, save on transport costs, and best of all: no waiting for buses

- When you know you're going to be burning some calories, you can order an extra round of bitterballen, fries or whatever Dutch delicacy you're snacking on.

NOTE: Amsterdammers ride their bikes in Amsterdam every day. You don't. Stay to the right-hand side of the bike lanes until you're comfortable. And watch how the locals use hand signals. Then do likewise.

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