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Echelon Open Air & Indoor Festival 2020

  • Ehemalige US Kaserne, Bad Aibling, Germany
  • 21-22 August 2020
Echelon Open Air & Indoor Festival 2020



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A rave of interstellar proportions

Echelon Open Air & Indoor Festival is techno and house music festival that takes place in Bad Aibling, Germany.

Held within the Ehemalige US Kaserne, a former NSA Satellite Tracking Station which was active throughout the Cold War, a stellar roster of techno and house music's finest beam into the heart of Bavaria to perform in front of thousands of techno purists. 

With five impressive and imposing stages all displaying variations of electronic music ranging from techno to house and beyond, what's now become commonplace is the dizzying state-of-the-art visual and sonic production set amongst the location's iconic radar domes with the Bavarian mountains as it's backdrop, culminating in a rave of interstellar proportions.

Ehemalige US Kaserne is an NSA Satellite Tracking Station used during the Cold War. With the festival taking its name from the global surveillance program ECHELON, it acts as the base for which this unique musical experience operates.


Ehemalige US Kaserne, Bad Aibling, 83043, Germany



The nearest airport is Munich Airport (MUC). From here you can take a train to München Hauptbahnhof (41 minutes) before boarding a shuttle bus directly to the festival (approx. 45 minutes).


For those journeying from further afield, it may be easiest to take a train to München Hauptbahnhof before boarding the festival shuttle bus.

Those who may live closer can travel to Bad Aibling where there will also be a shuttle bus operating to the festival.

Nuremberg - München Hauptbahnhof (1 hour 6 minutes)

Stuttgart - München Hauptbahnhof (2 hours 17 minutes)

Frankfurt - München Hauptbahnhof (3 hours 11 minutes)

Vienna - München Hauptbahnhof (4 hours)

Zurich - München Hauptbahnhof (4 hours 14 minutes)

Prague - München Hauptbahnhof (4 hours 39 minutes)

Berlin - München Hauptbahnhof (6 hours 6 minutes)

Brussels - München Hauptbahnhof (7 hours 11 minutes)

Amsterdam - München Hauptbahnhof (8 hours)

Yes, there will be various ATM points at the festival.

Those with Full Weekend Tickets are allowed to leave and re-enter the festival site, however, re-entry is not permitted to those with a Day Ticket.