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Elevate Festival 2018

  • Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria
  • 28 February - 4 March 2018
Elevate Festival 2018

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Raising the level of artistry and discussion

Elevate festival is a combination alternative music and arts festival and political conference in Graz, Austria. What unites the two aspects of the festival is courageous self-expression and an eye for the future. 

In this way, Elevate separates itself from the usual festival circuit, offering a more conscientious approach to artistic celebration. Performers are encouraged to experiment on stage, as opposed to playing the hits and organisers curate a lineup to reflect this approach. 

Matching the exploratory outlook of Elevate is the festival's unique stage settings. Possibly the coolest locations are in heart of the Schloßberg hill and in the tunnel system which runs throughout the hill.

Ticket holders should note that due to freezing temperatures, the open air daytime stage Kasemattenbühne is being relocated inside to the Orpheum on Saturday 3 March.




  • B. Fleischmann & Band
  • Kœnig (Laub Records/at) & Jorge Sánchez-Chiong
  • Puschmann

Orpheum Extra


Forum Stadtpark Keller


  • Adriana Celentana
  • Columbush
  • Francois La Mer
  • The Bongo Adventure Train


  • Ben Frost
  • Schallfeld Ensemble & Onoxo
  • Mia Zabelka & Tina Frank

Orpheum Extra

Dom im Berg

  • Nosaj Thing [live]
  • Cakes Da Killa [live]
  • Kamaal Williams [live]
  • Iglooghost [live]
  • Wandl [live]
  • Sofie
  • Joja


  • Heap
  • Bocksrucker

Dom im Berg



  • Nurse With Wound [live]
  • Mick Harris as Fret
  • Caterina Barbieri [live]
  • Schtum [live]
  • Awo Ojiji


  • Foehn & Jerome
  • Juju Love Records

Orpheum Extra

The main festival takes place inside Graz's Forum Stadtpark, as well as surrounding venues Schloßberg, Mausoleum and Orpheum.


Forum Stadtpark, Stadtpark 1, Graz, 8010, Austria


Graz has its own airport, which is about 13km from the city centre. However, most of its flights come from Germany and Vienna, so depending on your point of departure, Vienna Airport may be the best place to fly into.

FROM GRAZ AIRPORT: From the Flughafen Graz-Feldkirchen station, the S5 train departs every 30 minutes and takes 12 minutes to reach Graz Hbf. From there, it is a walk eastwards along the Keplerstraße and over the river. The green mound of the Schloßberg is very visible from afar.

FROM VIENNA AIRPORT: As mentioned above, connecting flights from Vienna to Graz are available. However, direct trains also run from Vienna Airport to Graz and takes about 3 hours, and will cost roughly €41. If you do miss the direct train, take another onto Vienna Central, where you can catch a direct train our to Graz.


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