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Envision Festival 2020

  • Rancho La Merced, La Uvita de Osa, Costa Rica
  • 20-23 February 2020
Envision Festival 2020

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10th anniversary celebration

Envision Festival is a dance music festival in La Uvita de Osa, Costa Rica. One of the most immersive festival experiences in the world, Envision has built a cult following and is celebrating its 10th anniversary edition in 2020. 

About more than just music, though, the festival encompasses what it calls its 8 pillars, which are: permaculture, spirituality, movement, art, music, community, health, and radical acceptance.

Melding the unrivalled scenic beauty of its location with concerts, workshops, discussions, yoga, fresh food and more, Envision is a multi-dimensional gathering of searchers. 


Luna Stage

Lapa Stage

Workshops & Speakers

  • Paul Stamets
  • Amanda Sage
  • Ryan Rising
  • Lily Cabezas
  • Stephan Brooks
  • Rob Greenfield
  • Sarah Wu
  • María José Flaqué
  • Cristina Kalyani
  • Yaya Erin Eivera Merriman
  • Water Now
  • Yaniv Shanti
  • Lydia Violet
  • William Padilla-Brown
  • Rhama Dashuri
  • The Living Library
  • Dr. Julie Von
  • Derrick Broze
  • Nadav Wilf
  • Arielle Hayat
  • Ryan McKenna
  • Selva Bhairavi
  • Julia Forest
  • Jiya Julia Randall
  • Santiago Moringa
  • Orpheus B
  • Kris Lovestone
  • Melissa Louise
  • Ixchel Aradia
  • Daniel Jebb Finnerty
  • Mar Espinal

Yoga & Movement

  • Rachel Brathen
  • Jai Dev Singh
  • Tracee Stanley
  • Cristi Christensen
  • Amber Ryan
  • Ashleigh Sergeant
  • Mestre Xuxo
  • Xandy Liberato
  • Andrew Sealy
  • Sofiah Thom
  • Jonah Kest
  • Marcos Jassan
  • Adriana Rizzolo
  • Whakapaingia
  • Harshada Wagner
  • Misty Tripoli
  • Marianela Ortiz
  • Edgar Ortiz
  • Sitara Bird
  • Aluna Ritual Music
  • Emelie Rose
  • Tish Steenkamp
  • Moondance México

Rancho La Merced is a stunningly scenic ranch built at the junction between Costa Rica's untamed rainforest and pristine Hermosa beach. 


Rancho La Merced, Km. 159 Costanera Sur, La Uvita de Osa, Costa Rica


The most convenient international airport is Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO). Upon arrival the easiest way to get to the festival is by festival shuttle, which go from SJO Airport straight to the festival. Find more info on the festival shuttle here


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