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Her Damit Festival 2018

  • Bunkeranlage Freudenberg, Beiersdorf-Freudenberg, Germany
  • 7-10 September 2018
Her Damit Festival 2018

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An intricate techno affair

Her Damit Festival is an intricate techno music festival held near Berlin. Ex-industrial backdrops and an intimate atmosphere ramp up the intensity, while bringing techno lovers together from all over Europe.

In a brand new location from 2017, Her Damit is growing and expanding to encapsulate its host culture even better with every edition.

A lineup of local favourites and international names has something for everyone, while the community around the festival shows itself in great food and stalls from all over the region.


  • Roman Flügel
  • Kobosil
  • Bambounou
  • I Hate Models


  • Alex Lauter
  • Bambounou
  • Bleak [live]
  • Candy Pollard
  • Cormac
  • Darwin
  • DJ Boring
  • Doc Sleep
  • Edoardo
  • Eris Drew
  • Freddy K
  • Grizzly
  • Héctor Oaks
  • Helge Misof
  • I Hate Models
  • Innen+Aussen
  • ItaloJohnson
  • Justin Strauss
  • K_arim
  • Karl Ferdinand
  • Kia
  • Kobosil
  • Konstantin Sibold & Leif Müller
  • Michael Nadjé
  • Mirella Kroes
  • Modig
  • Muallem
  • nd_baumecker
  • Nitam
  • Norman Nodge
  • nthng
  • Oliver Deutschmann
  • Regen
  • ROD
  • Roi Perez
  • Roman Flügel
  • Ron Blanco & TRP
  • Shed
  • Shifted
  • Sunny
  • Uta
  • Yamaho

The festival takes place in an abandoned bunker complex near Beiersdorf-Freudenberg, a village situated less than 50km northeast of Berlin.


Bunkeranlage Freudenberg, Weinbergstr. 21-31, Beiersdorf-Freudenberg, Germany


The festival is located just outside the small town of Beiersdorf-Freudenberg, accessible by bus and train from Berlin. The festival have set up shuttles from various stations. Check the festival website for more information.  


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