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Issoudun Reggae Temple 2019

  • Issoudun, France
  • 18-20 October 2019
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A place of reggae worship

Issoudun Reggae Temple is a reggae, dub, ska and ragga music festival that takes place in the titular town of Issoudun in central France. 

The world-renowned festival invites a lineup of the reggae's most prolific artists for a weekend; from those who have shaped the history of reggae, to those who continue to carry its legacy onwards into the future.

Whether you're a seasoned reggae veteran or new to its music, Issoudun is the perfect place of pilgrimage to immerse yourself in its culture – its arts, exhibitions, food, drinks and activities celebrating the Caribbean and its most famous musical export.




On Friday and Saturday, the festival will take place in the Palais des ExPositions et des Sports d'Issoudun (aka PEPSI), with Sunday to be held in the smaller Boîte à Musique.


Issoudun, France


Issoudun is well connected by rail across France, either directly (e.g. Paris, Limoges) or via nearby Verzion and Châteauroux. 

Châteauroux Airport is also less than 30km from Issoudun, with a limited range of flights from France and the UK.