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Kamehameha Festival 2019

  • Airfield Offenburg-Baden, Offenburg, Germany
  • 15 June 2019
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A day of music in the summer sunshine

Kamehameha Festival is an electronic music festival in the small German city of Offenburg.

The Airfield Offenburg-Baden hosts a roster of the world's most impressive DJ's, seeing Amelie Lens, Sven Väth, Claptone and AKA AKA play beneath the searing sun last time around.

Aside from cutting-edge music, there's a fairground and international cuisine to catch your attention, so if it's sunshine and techno you're into, there's no better way to spend your weekend.


The festival takes place on a small airfield in Offenburg, a city in the south-west of Germany and just a few miles from the French border.


Airfield Offenburg-Baden, Am Flugplatz, Offenburg, 77656, Germany


If you are intending to fly to Offenburg, the nearest international airport is Basel. From the aiprot, take the number 50 bus to Basel, Bahnhof SBB. There you can take a train north to Offenburg. This will take around two hours from the airport. 

Offenburg also has good rail links with the rest of Europe, with direct trains running from Berlin. 

Minimum age of entry is 18.

Yes, parking will be available for those wishing to drive to Kamehameha Festival.