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KaZantip Republic 2014

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The Basics

20-30 August 2014
Anaklia, Georgia

A project, a dream and an independent country; it’s no wonder those who get to taste KaZantip Republic see it as a way of life. This celebration is where beautiful, bronzed hedonists meet the golden sands of the Black Sea; an ideal where freethinkers can party between the palm trees and pyrotechnics of paradise. 

The glorious KaZantip Republic has traditionally been located in Popovka, Crimea. It has moved this year to the gorgeous Georgian shores of Anaklia, a little further East on the Black Sea.

With its own PreZident, and ViZas for entry, this Shangri-La soiree delivers the decadent freedom of Woodstock for the electronic generation. Filled with dancers, theatre and art installations, as well as a huge extreme sports playground where revellers can kite-surf, wake board, skate or BMX, few innovative visions grow to be as wild and adventurous as KaZantip. 

This unique utopia has its own city of culture which celebrates life with parties around the clock as 300 DJs, big and small, play across six dance floors. Boasting more than 30 bars and restaurants, revellers don't even have to leave if they don't feel they want to, instead they swing from hammocks, point for the lasers and fall in love with some of the most beautiful people in the world for a whole month.

You'll never look at life the same way again.


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Abelle, Adam Shelton, Ame, Andrey Pushkarev, Anja Schneider, Arram Mantana, Art Department, Atomic Hooligan & Jay Cunning, Audiofly, Bacho, Bero, Bill Patrick, Blondish, Bvoice & Ankrilov, Cancelled, Car, Cassy, Chasing Kurt, Claptone, Cobert, Cosmic Cowboys, Cosmonaut, Cross, Dasha Redkina, Deadbeat & Tikiman, Deep'A & Biri, Dewalta, Dixon, Dolphin, Easy Changes, Echonomist, Eimic, Eric, Finn, Fonarev, Gio Shengelia, Golikov, Greenbeam & Leon, Guy Gerber, Guy J, Guy Mantzur, Helena Hauff, Ivan Smagghe, Jamie Jones, Kate Boy, Kolford, Konrad Black, KTO DJ?, Kurmyshev, Lady Waks, Larsson, Lasha Guruli, Leeroy Thornhill & Marten Horger aka Smash Hi-Fi, Mandy, Mara Trax, Marcus Worgul, Martin Buttrich, Martinez Brothers, Max Grabke, Mike Shannon, Molly, Monkey, Safari, Newa, Noizar, Onuka, Petre Inspirescu, Piticu, Plato, Quest, Ranishe Niyaak, Raresh, Rayo, Rhadoo, Rhauder & Dreher, Ricardo Villalobos, Robert Babicz, Rodriguez Jr., Ron Morelli, Roustam, Shahar Z, Sebo K, Sekuoia, Seth Troxler, Smash TV, Sonja Moonear, Subb-An, Superpitcher, Svengalisghost, Teenage Mutants, Terry Poison, The Maneken, The Mole, Tigerskin aka Dub Taylor, Tomma, Tripmastaz, Xosar, Ya.Sha, Yate, Youandme, Zip, Zok Zok.


The Venue

KaZantip Republic 2014


KaZantip Republic is now located in Anaklia, on the Eastern Black Sea coast in Georgia. With clear waters, golden sands and a 540-meter pedestrian bridge across the mouth of the river Inguri, this small resort city is a picturesque setting for this year's edition of KaZantip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What We Love

What We Love

  • Temperature are usually around 28°C in July and August and seldom drop below 22°C at night. The water temperature averages a pleasant 26°C too, so don't forget your sunscreen!

  • If you have an interest in extreme sports, kite-surfing and wake boardings are other activities you can enjoy during the event.

  • As part of the 'Ukraine, We Love You' and 'Georgia, We Love You' initiative, the PreZident of KaZantip decided to give away free ViZas to all female visitors from Ukraine, Crimea and Georgia.

What To Know

What To Know

  • No visa is needed to go to Georgia for most countries (assuming a short stay up to 90 days). The closest airports to Analkia are Kutaisi Airport (130 km), Batumi (200 km) and Tbilisi (the country's capital, 425 km from the festival site). There will be free shuttle buses to and from those three airports to the festival site, and up to 40 km around the Analkia region.

  • KaZantip tickets are known as ViZas. If you wish to be able to enter and leave the Republic during the event, you'll need to buy a "Multi ViZa", which allows re-admittance as often as you want. Single ViZas allow you to stay in the Republic for as long as you want, but once you leave you won't be allowed to re-enter.

  • There will be two major celebrations: Apotheosiz #1 on August 23rd, and Apotehosiz #2 on August 30th. If you're not planning on staying for the entire duration of the festival (Aug. 20-30), make sure you don't miss those! 

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