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Kilifi New Year 2019

  • Kilifi, Kenya
  • 30 December 2018 - 2 January 2019
Kilifi New Year 2019

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A New Year’s Eve you will never forget

Kilifi New Year is a boutique house, alternative and reggae music festival with an African twist held in Kilifi town on the coast of Kenya from 30th December 2018 to 2nd January 2019. 

The festival is set on 20 acres of pristine lush plateau, home to secret wild orange and lemon orchards, bamboo forests and thousand year-old baobabs in the upper reaches of Takaungu Creek on the Indian Ocean. 

A melting pot of global cultures, Kilifi New Year is a haven for freedom of expression, with a strong commitment to conscious living and sustainability. 

The festival culminates with the burning of a large wooden sculpture symbolising new beginnings and our shared optimism for a brighter future, bringing together the community of Kilifi and festival goers for a moving spectacle. 

Onsite features include locally sourced, organic food and drink stalls, fashion, art and craft vendors, workshops and classes promoting conscious and sustainable living, and a Water Park. 

Kilifi New Year has something for everyone and is an immersive experience like no other.



  • Nikodemus
  • Gato Preto
  • Tash LC
  • Belville
  • Yaadcore
  • Dreadsteppa
  • Cian Finn
  • Umojah Sound System
  • Mr. Invisible
  • Commoner
  • Yeti
  • La Dave
  • Jinku
  • Allan Strange
  • Kerby
  • Sadhu Sensai
  • Seth Schwarz
  • Abaki Simba
  • Pete On The Corner
  • Hamish
  • Makadem
  • Brian Kadawa
  • Marcus Wi
  • Shishi
  • AQCE
  • Barney Barrow
  • The Beating Heart Project
  • Bellville
  • Blessed San
  • Byg Ben
  • Chucky
  • Davis B
  • Donnaccia
  • Dylan-S
  • Enchan
  • Eric K
  • Euggy
  • Foozak
  • Heartical
  • Himmy K
  • Hiribae
  • Insight Sound
  • DJ Invizable
  • Joey Alaniz
  • Kace
  • Kiambi
  • L.A. Dave
  • Labman
  • Lasta
  • Lavosti
  • Lemi
  • Lerb
  • Lucky
  • Max Doblhoff
  • Max Melesi
  • MC Yallah
  • Myth
  • Nickodemus
  • Nu-Fvnk
  • DJ Raph
  • Ras Lyon
  • Rathod
  • Roostahs
  • Sadhu Sensi
  • Sir Henry and Salma Queen
  • Skaface
  • Suraj
  • Um Ailana
  • Vidza

For address see FAQ below. 


Kilifi, 80108, Kenya


The festival is located approximately 2 km from Tusky’s Supermarket, 2 km off the main highway connecting Mombasa to Watamu, Malindi, and Lamu. 

If you are coming by local transport (Matatu), jump off at Tusky’s Supermarket. From there, many motorbikes (“Piki-Pikis”) and Tuk-Tuks will be able to take you to the festival for about Ksh 150. 


Kilifi is located about halfway (60km) between Moi International Airport (MBA) and Malindi Airport (MYD). For your information, Mombasa traffic can get rather congested, hence if time is of the essence, you might want to choose to fly from Malindi. 


Feel free to use the new SGR county train line. We recommend stopping at Mariakani station and booking a taxi to Kilifi from there. You can also decide to go all the way to the Mombasa Terminus but be aware that traffic in Mombasa can be an issue. 


If driving from Nairobi, we highly recommend bypassing Mombasa and using the new Mariakani shortcut which takes you almost all the way to Kilifi. There will be plenty of secure, free parking on the festival grounds. 

While there are no ATMs on the festival site, there are plenty in town just a 5 minute drive away. We recommend that you plan to bring a little bit of cash for vendors who might not accept other forms of payment than cash, but for the rest (such as bar vouchers) credit cards as well as MPESA will be accepted.


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