Le Printemps de Bourges Crédit Mutuel 2019

  • Various Venues, Bourges, France
  • 16-21 April 2019
Le Printemps de Bourges Crédit Mutuel 2019

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France's famous city showcase

Le Printemps de Bourges festival has been a significant force in the French music scene for over 40 years, filling the small town of Bourges in central France every April with hundreds of artists and events championing both French and international music.

Its legacy means that the festival has been fully integrated by the town and its inhabitants, with many bars, clubs, restaurants and all the spaces in between hosting their own events in accordance with the festival, with an increased focus on showcases upcoming talent; playing Le Printemps de Bourges has become a rite of passage for any French artist on the rise.


Le Halle au Blé

Le 22

  • MAZ
  • Zamdane
  • Junior Bvndo
  • Eden Dillinger
  • DI#SE
  • Zed Yun Pavarotti

Le W + Le Palais d'Auron

The festival takes place in a number of different venues across the city of Bourges in central France, around 250km south of Paris.


Various Venues, Bourges, 18000, France


Gare de Bourges is connected directly by rail to Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Orléans and Tours, as well as smaller towns in between.


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