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Lisboa Electronica 2018

  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • 4-7 April 2018
  • Electronic
  • Techno
Lisboa Electronica 2018

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Celebrating Portugal's electronic underground

Lisboa Electronica is an electronic music festival in the Portuguese capital. Exploring the electronic underground through a extensive series of label showcases, the festival celebrates Portugal's vibrant scene and offers a platform for cultural exchange. 

In addition to the lineup of national talent, international producers, DJs, collectives and record labels are invited to the party, with the likes of Clone Records, трип, and Slow Life among the special guests for the second edition.


  • Nina Kraviz
  • Sonja Moonear
  • tINI
  • Helena Hauff


RAWAX x Shift Imprint

  • Robert Drewek B2B DJ AL
  • Audiopath [live] feat. Jerry the Cat


  • Baby Ford
  • Alex Celler


  • Robin Ordell
  • Lamache


  • Actress [live a/v]
  • Helena Hauff

Pandilla LTD

  • Hélio
  • Diogo
  • Tiago


  • Nina Kraviz
  • Deniro

HAYES Collective

  • VIL
  • Temudo
  • -2 [live]


  • Stereociti [live]
  • Ze Salvador
  • Jorge Caiado

Assemble Music

  • Raresh
  • Altitude [live]
  • Joao Maria

Piston Recordings

  • Rogério Martins
  • Johan
  • Ritz


  • Vera
  • Alexandra

Padre Himalaya

  • Silvestre
  • Renato


  • Alexander Einetter
  • Diogo Lacerda


  • Phil Evans
  • Manuel Schatz

Ministerium Records

  • Sonja Moonear
  • Onirik
  • Berllioz & Zoy [live]

Clone Records

  • Serge
  • Legowelt [live]

Slow Life

  • S. Moreira [live]
  • Laurine
  • DJ Tree

0 Helena 0

  • Module Werk
  • Gonçalo

Pole Group

  • Oscar Mulero
  • Lewis Fautzi
  • Tensal


  • Michael Melchner
  • Benjamin Stager

Bloop Recordings x Half Baked Records

  • Fumiya Tanaka
  • Greg Brockmann
  • Magazino
  • Kaesar
  • Cruz


  • Stellar Om Source [live]
  • Luz Retina

Traffic Records

  • Martyné
  • Patrick Klein

Flow Records

  • Cardia
  • Kokeshi
  • Berberan

The White Man & The Arab

  • The White Man & The Arab

Part Of The Gang

  • tINI
  • Topper

The first day of the festival will be held in a club called Ministereum, before the second and third day take place around 4km east along the banks of the Tagus in LX Factory, the city's creative hub.


Ministerium & LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal


BY PLANE: Lisbon Airport is just a 20 minute bus or metro ride from the city centre.

BY TRAIN: Lisbon has excellent rail links with the rest of the country.


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