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Masters of Rock 2021

  • Rudolf Jelinek Distillery Land, Vizovice, Czechia
  • 8-11 July 2021
Masters of Rock 2021



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Summon the Gods of rock

Masters of Rock, held in Vizovice, Czech Republic summons the best, most brilliant rock and metal bands to Rudolf Jelinek Distillery Land. 

Loyal disciples of the genres congregate in their masses to bow to the makers of modern metal; previous masters of rock to bestowed their presence at Masters Of Rock include the likes of Mötorhead, Saxon, Def Leppard, Dream Theater, Within Temptation, and Slayer. 

Taking to the Ronnie James Dio stage in 2021 (named after the late Rainbow and Black Sabbath vocalist) are Judas Priest, Nightwish, Amon Amarth, Anthrax, Sepultura, and many more metal greats.

Metalheads young and old gather show their appreciation to legendary and contemporary rock Gods, at what has undoubtedly become Czechia's premier festival for headbanging, crowd-surfing, and there's even a programme of heart-pounding sports for the real adrenaline junkies.

Rudolf Jelinek Distillery Land are the grounds of a local distiller, famous for their plum brandy. The space is wide open and thus perfect for an ever growing festival like Masters of Rock 


Rudolf Jelinek Distillery Land, Razov 472, Vizovice, 763 12, Czechia



The nearest airport is Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava (OSR). Upon arrival take the train from Nový Jičín – Město 1 stop to Suchdol nad Odrou (14 minutes). Here, transfer to another train stopping at Přerov (30 minutes). Transfer to another train and get off at Otrokovice (19 minutes). One final train is requried to get to Vizovice (49 minutes). The festival site is a 12 minute walk from the station. 


Vizovice station is accessible from all major cities in the Czech Republic, but most routes require at least one transfer.  

Masters of Rock is an all ages event, but children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. 



Masters of Rock 2021

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