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MI AMI Festival 2018

  • Milan, Italy
  • 25-26 May 2018
    MI AMI Festival 2018

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    Championing Italian talent

    MI AMI is a music festival held each year in the city of Milan, Italy. For years, the festival has consistently showcased lineups of the finest Italian musical acts from all manner of styles and genres.

    As a champion for national talent, MI AMI is renowned for providing a platform for exciting new performers – often independent or unsigned acts, in keeping with the festival's core values.

    And another core value – a passion for creativity – is also displayed in a firm fixture of the festival; the live drawing and visual art demonstrations that form part of the programming alongside the musical performances.



    • Ex-Otago
    • Prozac+
    • Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti
    • Francesca Michielin


    Palco Sandro Pertini

    • COSMO
    • Ex-Otago
    • Francesca Michielin
    • Francesco De Leo
    • Sick Luke + Marïna [DJ set]
    • Tauro Boys

    + more artists to be announced

    Havaianas Stage

    • Frah Quintale
    • Willie Peyote
    • Coma Cose
    • Galeffi
    • Paletti
    • Federica Abbate
    • Masamasa
    • Gastone
    • Bonetti

    Palco Mi Fai

    • Generic Animal
    • Lucia Manca
    • Leo Pari
    • Han
    • Machweo
    • Makai
    • Maiole
    • Red Lines
    • Typo Clan
    • Ciao! Discoteca Italiana

    Palco Sandro Pertini

    • Prozac+
    • Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti
    • Selton
    • DJ Gruff
    • Dunk
    • Giovanni Succi
    • Gogo Records Soundsystem
    • Rockit All Starz

    + more artists to be announced

    Havaianas Stage

    • Colapesce
    • Maria Antonietta
    • Germanò
    • Gigante
    • Joe Victor
    • Mèsa
    • Giorgieness
    • Latente
    • Oh! Pilot

    Palco Mi Fai

    • Go Dugong
    • Yombe
    • Black Beat Movement
    • CRLN
    • Hit Kunle
    • Mosè Cov
    • Vanarin
    • Bee Bee Sea
    • Linoleum
    • Auroro Borealo

    Circolo Magnolia is an open-air music venue overlooking the man-made Idroscalo lake (originally built as a seaplane runway, as part of the nearby Linate Airport).


    Circolo Magnolia, Segrate, Milan, 20090, Italy


    The festival site is located metres from Milan Linate airport, and can easily be reached on foot. You can fly to here from a number of destinations across Europe. 

    Due to the close proximity to the airport, the festival has strong transport links to the city centre. If you are travelling to Milan by train or by bus, you can easily get to the festival by bus from either the city centre or Milano Centrale station.


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