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Mundaka Festival 2018

  • Mundaka, Spain
  • 27-29 July 2018
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    A musical and gastronomical delight

    Mundaka Festival is a music and food festival held on the Bay of Biscay in Spain's north, in the historic town of Mundaka. 

    Musically, the lineup leans towards rock and indie sounds, with Spanish and international acts sitting alongside one another on the festival's poster. This year these included Spanish rock icon Bunbury, Californian rhythm and blues outfit Vintage Trouble and dance-punk stars !!! (Chk Chk Chk).

    But perhaps even more prominent than the music is the food and drink that the festival celebrates, with gastronomical delights from the local area and from further afield on offer across the weekend, courtesy of guest chefs and food experts from across the world.


    • Biffy Clyro
    • Bunbury
    • !!! (Chk Chk Chk)
    • Vintage Trouble
    • Fink


    • !!! (Chk Chk Chk)
    • Vintage Trouble
    • Fink
    • Depedro
    • Copernicus Dreams
    • DJ Pinky

    • Bunbury
    • Rayden
    • Belako
    • Revolta Permanent
    • Moonshakers
    • Papaya

    • Biffy Clyro
    • Atom Rhumba
    • Santero y Los Muchachos
    • Confluence
    • Optigan I

    Mundaka is a coastal town located on the Bay of Biscay, around 35km northeast of Bilbao.


    Mundaka, 48360, Spain


    BY TRAIN: Mundaka can be reached directly by train from Bilbao, which in turn is well connected across Spain, with direct lines to the likes of Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza.

    BY PLANE: As biggest in northern Spain, Bilbao Airport is well connected to much of Europe. From this airport, a taxi to Mundaka will take around 25 minutes and cost approximately €30. Public transport may be cheaper (around €10), but will take over 1.5 hours and involve taking a bus and two trains.

    Music fans of all ages are welcome at the festival. Children aged 12 under get in free, but must be accompanied by a parent of guardian. Teenagers aged 13-15 must also be accompanied by an adult, but will need to buy a ticket. Those aged 16 and over do not need adult accompaniment.

    Accompanying adults who are not parents or legal guardians will need to present signed authorisation and a copy of parents identification.

    It is advised that all festival-goers take a form of identification to the festival.