Pioneer DJ alpha 2020 - The Last Chapter

  • Kulturwerft Gollan, Lübeck, Germany
  • 14 November 2020
Pioneer DJ alpha 2020 - The Last Chapter



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40 DJs, 3 stages, 10 hours of pure rave

Pioneer DJ alpha - The Last Chapter is an indoor, one-day electronic music festival held in Lübeck, Northern Germany.

Welcoming 40 DJs that have helped shape the event's sparkling reputation over the years that encompass house, EDM, classics, and harder styles, will traverse the brand's 25-year history across it's three unique stages, for an immense 10-hour rave at Lübeck's famed venue in Kulturwerft Gollan.

Sponsored by global DJ artisans Pioneer, the festival's 25th anniversary edition will see the culmination of a quarter-century of hi-spec sound production, buoyant crowds, and ideal atmosphere. It's time for a serious party.


The lineup will be announced closer to the festival.


Kulturwerft Gollan, Einsiedelstraße 6, Lübeck, 23554, Germany


The venue Kulturwerft Gollan is only a short walk away from Lübeck Central Station. The station is accessible from most major cities. For those driving by car, there is parking on site.
Doors open at 20:00.