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Polifonic 2019

  • Monopoli, Italy
  • 26-28 July 2019
  • Disco
  • Electronic
  • House
  • +1
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'Hear the ground'

Polifonic is a boutique electronic music festival held on the lush southeastern coast of Italy. 

Now into its third year, the festival is proudly one of the country's most respected summer gatherings when it comes to underground electronic music; quite fittingly then, their 2019 motto is 'Hear The Ground'. 

While the festival may have an ear-to-the-ground approach to new music, its attendees have their ears to the stunning sound system and eyes to the panoramic vista from the festival's famous terrace. 


  • Jeff Mills
  • Craig Richards
  • DJ Tennis
  • Dr. Rubinstein


  • Jeff Mills
  • Craig Richards
  • DJ Tennis
  • Dr. Rubinstein
  • Eclair Fifi
  • Eris Drew
  • The Analogue Cops [live]
  • Midnight Conversation [live]
  • Silvia Kastel
  • O.Bee
  • Hiver
  • Yanik Park
  • Innocent Soul

The festival takes place on the rooftop terrace of the Masseria del Turco, a club located between the neighbouring towns of Monopoli and Fasano.


Monopoli, Italy


BY TRAIN: You can reach Monopoli directly by rail from the nearby cities of Bari and Brindisi, as well as from Rome and Caserta (just north of Naples). 

BY PLANE: Monopoli is situated around halfway between Bari and Brindisi, both of which are home to international airports. From Bari Airport, take a train into the city centre, followed by another on to Monopoli. Similarly from Brindisi Airport, take a bus to the city's central station, followed by a train to Monopoli.