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Psychedelic Circus Open Air Festival 2019

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Extra Style | Utopia Camping

  • Campsite within the festival site

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4 Nights Stay

Maximum Style for 1 (Pre-Pitched)

$83.33 for 4 nightsUp to 1 person


Extra Style for 2 (Do-It-Yourself)

$146.98 for 4 nightsUp to 2 people


Extra Style for 3 (Do-It-Yourself)

$210.63 for 4 nightsUp to 3 people


Extra Style for 4 (Do-It-Yourself)

$265.03 for 4 nightsUp to 4 people



Utopia Camping is for peace of mind and fun camping experience.

We want to make camping at music festivals more sustainable – and YOU can be part of the solution!

Here is an interesting fact: Up to 85% of the equipment we work with is refurbished and second hand. You heard it!

Since 2012 we collect left behind equipment as well as directly buy from visitors who don’t want to take their gear back home. We then clean, refurbish and rent it back to festivals visitors.

So, when you decide to rent camping equipment from us, you are contributing to our cause - help reduce the environmental pollution that is slowly destroying our planet. Your choice has economic, social and environmental long-term effects

You might find signs of prior use that we were not able to clean (e.g. graffiti) as well as repairs.

Rest assure, all tents are 100% waterproof, sleeping bags are cleaned after each use.***Festival ticket not included.

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