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Sacred Ground Festival 2019

  • Brüssow, Germany
  • 12-14 July 2019
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A common love for music

Sacred Ground Festival is a celebration of both music and arts in the rural German town of Brüssow.

Curated by Frank Wiedemann and RY X, Sacred Ground becomes a mutual space for international musicians, DJ's, and artists to unify through sonic and visual performance.

Far from the urban hubbub of metropolitan life, a commercial-free and artist-driven environment presents an intimate community spirit for festival-goers to immerse themselves in, bridging the gap between performers and the audience with an emphasis on a common love for music.

Returning for its fifth edition, this city-get away has no fixed timetable leaving opportunities for many surprises and unique communal bonds.



+ more artists to be announced.

Sacred Ground will take place at a 100 year old farm in Brüssow, part of the Uckermark district in Germany. 

The region is known for its lakes and great summers.


Trampe 9, Brüssow, 17326, Germany


The nearest airport to Sacred Ground is Berlin. You will then need to get a train from the city centre out to Prenzlau ZOB, and then a bus onto Brüssow.

Similarly, if you are travelling from elsewhere, most routes will require heading to Prenzlau ZOB and then taking a bus onto Brüssow.