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Sacred Ground Festival 2019

  • Brüssow, Germany
  • 12-14 July 2019
RY X, DJ Tennis and Curses [live] will be headlining. View Lineup


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RY X, DJ Tennis and Curses [live] will be headlining. View Lineup

A common love for music

Sacred Ground Festival is a celebration of both music and arts in the rural German town of Brüssow.

Curated by Frank Wiedemann and RY X, Sacred Ground becomes a mutual space for international musicians, DJ's, and artists to unify through sonic and visual performance.

Far from the urban hubbub of metropolitan life, a commercial-free and artist-driven environment presents an intimate community spirit for festival-goers to immerse themselves in, bridging the gap between performers and the audience with an emphasis on a common love for music.

Returning for its fifth edition, this city-get away has no fixed timetable leaving opportunities for many surprises and unique communal bonds.

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Sacred Ground will take place at a 100 year old farm in Brüssow, part of the Uckermark district in Germany. 

The region is known for its lakes and great summers.


Trampe 9, Brüssow, 17326, Germany