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Secret Solstice 2018

Party under the midnight sun


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The Basics

21-24 June 2018
Reykjavík, Iceland

Secret Solstice is a multi-genre music festival just outside of Reykjavík. The premier festival in Iceland, Secret Solstice annually presents lineups of the biggest acts in the world.

Taking place in the summer, when the sun never sets in Iceland, the festival features the elusive midnight sun, making it a totally unique experience.

But organisers aren't satisfied with just offering a massive lineup of top tier talent and one rare natural phenomenon, so each year they set up a number of special side performances inside glaciers, volcanoes and on the ocean. 


This year's lineup hasn't been announced yet, but the 2017 lineup included Foo Fighters, Chaka Khan, Big Sean and more

The Venue

Secret Solstice 2018


The festival's main site lies within the country's capital, Reykjavík, and more specifically, Laugardalur, home to a swimming pool, a camping ground, a botanical garden, a theme park and a zoo.

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What We Love

What We Love

  • The main festival is only a small part of the Secret Solstice experience, with a whole host of offsite parties giving festival-goers the chance to do something truly unique. Such events include parties and gigs inside a glacier, a secret lagoon, aboard a midnight sun boat trip, and in 2016, a gig inside a volcano! Where else could you experience that!?

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