Snowattack 2019

  • Les Orres, France
  • 26 January - 2 February 2019
  • EDM
  • Electronic
  • House
Snowattack 2019

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A week-long party on the slopes

Snowattack is an electronic music and snowsports festival held in the French alpine ski resort of Les Orres. For a whole week, the party rages in the town's bars and clubs as well as on the slopes, soundtracked by a lineup of esteemed DJs.

From international dance music stars to longstanding residents and lesser-known favourites of the organisers, the festival promises a high-energy soundtrack to the slopeside frolics.

And with 100km of slopes to pick from, there's ample opportunity to carve up the mountains regardless of experience or ability.


  • Pendulum [DJ set]
  • Halott Pénz


  • Pendulum [DJ set]
  • Willy William
  • Halott Pénz
  • GusGus
  • Andro
  • Metzker Viktória
  • Necc Party
  • Dombóvári István
  • Animal Cannibals
  • Bricklake
  • DJ Nara
  • Edo Denova
  • Elf
  • ESD
  • James Grow
  • Járai Márk
  • Jumodaddy
  • Lotfi Begi
  • Michael Burian
  • Anywan
  • DJ Naksi
  • DJ L
  • Hangásci Márton
  • DJ PéGé
  • Purebeat
  • Secret Factory
  • Yvel & Tristan

Les Orres is a commune and ski-resort in the French Alps, complete with 37 ski runs over 100km. From its ski area which peaks above Serre-Ponçon Lake, you can see the Ecrins National Park on one side and the Parpaillon mountain range on the other.


Les Orres, France


BY PLANE: Although not the closest by distance, there is a direct bus to the resort from Marseilles Airport, making it probably the best option (other airports nearby include Grenoble, Nice and Turin).


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Snowattack 2019

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