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Snowboxx 2013

  • Arinsal, Andorra
  • 22-28 March 2013
    Snowboxx 2013

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    SNOWBOXX is one of a kind. Half music festival, half holiday on a mountain, in a tax haven. A ski / snowboard holiday on some of the best slopes Europe has to offer. One unforgettable week with parties above 2,000 metres, world famous Après Ski in the resort, plenty of huge outdoor stages, pub tours, indoor club events, local UK brands and more.

    Though main acts are to be announced, over the week-long festival expect breakthrough acts, grassroots talent and a few special guests, all of whom will make the most of the great production inherent in all aspects of this festival. Bass. Hip hop. Funk. Punk. House. Techno.

    What’s more, accommodation for this event is excellent value for money offering friendly local hospitality and located in the centre of all the action: Arinsal. Away from music and skiing or snowboarding, there is plenty to do - from BBQs to drinking in local bars cut out of rock, scoffing pizza or sampling local a la carte delicacies in the vast array of quality restaurants in and around the resort.

    SNOWBOXX is an affordable ski-holiday cum music experience set in one of the most undiscovered ski resorts in Europe. It offers plenty of extras from parachuting to night skiing. What’s not to love?


    The line-up of artists is yet to be confirmed. However, expect the best from bass, house, dubstep and techno. The famous Gold Teeth UK club night will host a night; other events will have Ibizan DJS playing the best of house and bass.


    Andorra is incredible.  The ski area is huge, with some of the best pistes in Europe. Andorra’s biggest powder dump of the year is in March, just in time for Snowboxx.  When you come to Snowboxx, you’ll get some incredible skiing, fresh powder, and a tan. And for this week, Snowboxx will have the resort to itself. Experts will love the competition level slopes (Andorra was home to the Alpine Ski world cup in 2012), famed off-piste and untouched, perfectly crafted freestyle parks. Intermediates should check out Arcalis, which has by far the best skiing in the Pyrenees.


    Arinsal, Arinsal, AD400, Andorra


    The closest airports are Barcelona, Toulouse or Girona/Gerona (with Ryanair, Barcelona Girona) and get a transfer. Return transfers are £50 from Barcelona and £60 from Toulouse or Girona.


    Once your equipment is all sorted, head to Quo Vadis. Live music and tax-free alcohol - what more could you want? The party then moves to El Cau, for beats from some of our favourite Ibizan DJs.


    At 5pm on Saturday, the gondola will shut. The mountain will be cleared. Then, at 6, the gondola will be reopened, only for Snowboxxers. We’re taking over Panoramic bar, with DJs playing on the terrace until midnight. This is undoubtably going to be one of the most epic thing you’ve ever experienced. Raving in the twilight with the mountains as the backdrop - unbeatable. We’ll be releasing the line up of DJs nearer the time, but know that it is going to be quality. We have a torchlit freestyle display in the background and our biggest djs playing at this event. This will go off.


    This is where we’ll be bringing out the big guns. Arinsal's very own 1500 capacity club will be home to a Snowboxx lineup for one huge night. Surf has played host to some of the biggest acts in the world, and our djs will be making the walls shake until 4am. Good luck getting the first lift the next morning. We’ll have bass downstairs and house upstairs. Only Snowboxxers allowed in to this venue for this night and we’ll fill the place up so this is your chance to impress that special person you’ve seen on the Snowboxx slopes!


    The infamous UK club night is now hitting the slopes, exclusively for SNOWBOXX. Hot from their residencies in Manchester, LEEDS, YORK and NOTTINGHAM , their dj's and lovers of all things powder will be hitting the slopes and the decks in Ciscos. Playing everything from Hip Hop to Punk, nobody brings the party like GT, and there’s nowhere better for it than Ciscos. Only in Andorra would a calm Mexican restaurant turn into an all nightclub. They’re pretty loose with the Jäger, so get involved Get at them @goldteethyo .


    At the end of the week, we’ll have our residents in El Cau, and we’ll be drinking the bar dry. We’re determined to send you back to the UK still hammered, and this will be how we’ll do it. If you haven’t experienced a drink the bar dry party, you haven’t done a season before. We don’t leave until the alcohol taps stop dripping and we are making sure that each and everyone of you gets your stomach’s worth of Andorran finest. We’re bringing the end of the season forward by a month or so...!


    We’ll be hitting every bar in resort, showing you what you’ve been missing out on by skiing in France for all those years. With the drinks prices you can live like a king. And if you ask nicely, the police will probably give you a lift home. A far cry from the €7 pints and gendarmarie that are offered by the French resorts, Arinsal is a place for those who ski hard and party harder.

    There will be a BBQ and beats on the Panoramic bar terrace every day from 3-5, and hip hop djs will play in the park every day.


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