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Springfest Frühlingsfest 2017

The little sister of Munich's Oktoberfest



The Basics

21 April - 7 May 2017
Munich, Germany

Munich's Fruhlingfest (Springfest in English) is a known by many as 'Little Oktoberfest' and is seen as the sister event to the city's legendary beer festival.

Despite its 'little' nickname, the festival welcomes thousands of people to the Bavarian capital for more than two weeks of traditional larks; with beer and food aplenty, funfairs, fireworks, music, and an all-round festive atmosphere.

The weather is slightly warmer and the crowds are slightly smaller, but the festival doesn't lose the excitement or character of its more famous sibling.

The Venue

Springfest Frühlingsfest 2017

80336 Munich

Theresienwiese is an open space located south west of Munich's city centre, famous as the home to the historic Oktoberfest held in the city each year.

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