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  • FIL, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 11-15 March 2020



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    International Music Festivals Forum

    Talkfest is an expansive industry festival comprised of conferences, workshops, film screenings, presentations, networking events, exhibitions and interviews

    Across five days and throughout different spaces in Feira Internacional de Lisboa, the event looks to encourage discussion, education and development for all of those in attendance. And once the myriad events are over, there will of course be a chance to celebrate with an official afterparty.

    Talkfest is also closely linked with the annual Iberian Festival Awards, which will be held on 14 March.


    The 2020 lineup will be announced closer to the festival.

    FIL is a large exhibition city on the banks of the Tagus in Lisbon's northeast.


    FIL, Lisbon, Portugal


    FIL is within walking distance of Garo do Oriente, Lisbon's major transport hub. As such it can easily be reached by rail, metro and bus.