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The Beat Festival 2018

  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • 27 January 2018
  • Hip Hop
The Beat Festival 2018

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Geneva's hip-hop haven

The Beat Festival is a one-day rap festival in Geneva, Switzerland. For 10 hours, the Geneva Arena is filled with hip-hop sounds from a lineup of rappers, MCs and DJs from across the world.

After welcoming Rae Sremmurd and 'Afrotrap' star MHD to the very first edition, the festival returns once more in January with headline appearances from celebrated French rapper Sofiane and hugely exciting Belgian-Congolese MC Damso.



  • Damso
  • Sofiane
  • Kaaris
  • Romeo Elvis


  • Caballero & JeanJass 18:00
  • Romeo Elvis 18:45
  • Lorenzo 20:00
  • Kaaris 21:15
  • Sofiane 22:45
  • Damso 00:15
  • $uicideboy$ 01:45

The festival takes place in SEG Geneve Arena, a large indoor arena close to the city's airport which hosts sports and music events throughout the year.


SEG Geneve Arena, Route des Batailleux, Geneva, Switzerland


The festival venue is located directly next to Geneva Airport, and as such it is easily accessible by bus, train and plane.

Doors will open at 17:00, with music starting at 18:00. The festival will then finish at 03:00.


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