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TIKTAK Kingsnight - Amsterdam 2018

Letting loose in the capital


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The Basics

26 April 2018
Amsterdam, Netherlands

TIKTAK Kingsnight - Amsterdam is a hip hop and electronic music festival in the nation's capital. Getting the party started early, TIKTAK is putting on three King's Night specials throughout the Netherlands.

This edition of TIKTAK Kingsnight is taking over one of the best clubs in the heart of the biggest city in the country: AIR Amsterdam.

Featuring a lineup of some of the best live Dutch acts around, the festival is all about cutting loose and showing off your national pride. 



  • Jonna Fraser
  • Sevn Alias
  • Sam Blans
  • The Marv
  • Jeremy Herkul
  • Mercedash

The Venue

TIKTAK Kingsnight - Amsterdam 2018

AIR Amsterdam
Amstelstraat 24
1017 DA Amsterdam

Located in the heart of the city, AIR Amsterdam is about tolerance, diversity, and having a good time. 

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