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Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest 2020 - Roots, Rock, Reggaelates Tribe

  • Negril, Jamaica
  • 28 April - 3 May 2020
Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest 2020 - Roots, Rock, Reggaelates Tribe



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Experiential immersion in a scenic beach setting

Tribe Leaders:

Leader 1: Sienna Creasy

Cultural Seed: Balance. Be Conscious

Initiative: Ground yourself in a rich fusion of yoga, pilates, dance, meditation, chanting, and music inspired by Jamaican culture and Chakra Activation with Sienna Creasy.


Sienna Creasy creates an experience of movement that integrates fierce embodiment with the energy of Jamaica. This retreat is for all levels of yoga experience, a rich fusion of Prana Flow yoga, Reggaelates, trance dance, meditation, chant, and music—from reggae to rock 'n roll.

We practice as a way to transcend stress while unlocking pathways to joyful inspiration and deep relaxation. The rhythmic beats open energy centers, the yoga replenishes the body, and the shared laughter and connection is a medicine that cultivates stable strength and sweet surrender.

Join this process of evolution, transformation, and celebration you have long been awaiting.


Group Experiences Include:

Elemental Prana Flow Yoga that will unite you with the land of Jamaica in a Groundation experience activating the Muladhara Chakra with integration of Dub & Reggae

Ocean Immersion – Jala Namaskar Beach integration Trance Dance connecting you with the healing energy of yemaya (mama ocean) and your inherent Creativity within Svadhistana

Reggaelates class experience within the festival that activates Your empowerment held in Manipura Chakra to create an activated change in your life

Soothing Yoga Nidra under the stars that touches the essence of your heart and awakens Anahata Chakra to receiving love

Color Festival – awakening of the Akash – your Spiritual connection to all within you and around you ignited by Music, Dance and LOVE


The 2020 lineup will be announced closer to the festival.

The festival will take place along the seven mile stretch of beach in Negril, Jamaica.


Negril, Jamaica


You must be at least 18 to attend the music events. The Irie Soul Beach, Farm To Table and Rasta Eco-Tour are all family friendly events.