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Undercity Festival 2019

  • COS Torwar, Warszawa, Poland
  • 2 November 2019
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1 / 3

Concept of the underground

Undercity Festival 2019 is the techno music festival in Warsaw, Poland. 

Across three ingeniously crafted stages within COS Torwar, - the imperious Metropolis Stage, City Hall, and bedazzling Tunnel - Undercity Festival has taken the concept of the underground and merged it with imaginative visual production. 

Now in its third year, and with an additional stage in the works, Undercity carefully curates a roster of techno's most esteemed DJ's to complement its surroundings; Claptone, Enrico Sangiuliano, Kiasmos, and Karotte all perform this time round.

Arena COS Torwar is the home of local ice hockey team UHKS Mazowse. 


COS Torwar, ul. Łazienkowska 6a, Warszawa, 00-449, Poland


Undercity Festival starts at 18:00 and finishes the following morning at 08:00.